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We create food that excites, revives & rejuvenates the soul.

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The menu

Sourcing only local produce and select ingredients, our seasonal menu is designed with balance and harmony.

Herb salad with pomegranate & pistachios$12.5
Butternut & harissa hummus$9.5
Smoky aubergine & coriander dip$9.5
Bulgur wheat tabbouleh$14.5
Halloumi & quinoa fattoush$16.5
Slow cooker lamb tagine$28.5
Halloumi & quinoa fattoush$23
Poussin with spiced aubergine pilaf$27
Pistachio lamb koftas with apricot relish$18.5
Harissa roast salmon with lemon couscous$31.5

Chocolate mousse tart with pomegranates$13.5
Turkish-delight doughnuts9.5
Semolina custard in kataifi with wild figs$10.5
Orange-blossom yoghurt with poached rhubarb$12.5
Sour cherry sorbet$9.5

The Chef and the Crew

Our team is a dedicated few that love everything about food. It gives us joy, direction and purpose. We live to cook.

Arjun Bheem

Owner & Head Chef

Vanessa Matthews

Sous Chef

Hayden Jones

Sous Chef

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